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Himalayan Music

We have specially selected the following CDs from our music partners to allow you to easily and securely purchase music that has been either been created by Himalayan people or been inspired by the Himalayas.

There are a number of selected Real Audio clips from the albums to aid you in your choices.

Festivals Of Nepal - Sur Sudha

1. Mangal DhoonMusic
2. BasantaMusic
3. Shiva RatriMusic
4. FaguMusic
5. SiluMusic
6. Teej
7. Bada Dashain
8. Tihar

Images of Nepal - Sur Sudha

1. Raja MatiMusic
2. Resham FirriMusic
3. A Fisherman's SongMusic
4. Stutee (Prayer)Music
5. Nayaki KanghadaMusic

Himalaya - David Parsons

1. HimalayaMusic
2. KailasaMusic
3. AkbarMusic
4. Varanasi DawnMusic
5. RishikeshMusic
6. Varuna Deva

Dorje Ling - David Parsons

1. TantraMusic
2. TsaparangMusic
3. Lahaul ValleyMusic
4. Dorje LingMusic
5. K-2Music

Tibetan Plateau + Sounds Of The Mothership - David Parsons

1. Tibetan PlateauMusic
2. GangotriMusic
3. Meditation On A Lonely PoolMusic
4. DevalokaMusic
5. SeparationMusic
6. Tree SpiritsMusic
7. Durrga
8. Spheres

Native Music Of Nepal - Various Artists

1. Himalaya Trekking SongMusic
2. Mountain SongMusic
3. Spring SeasonMusic
4. April FlowerMusic
5. Flure SongMusic
6. Spinning Wheel
7. Morning Song (Part One)
8. Newari Love Song
9. Morning Song (Part Two)
10. Sentimental Flute

Folksongs & Sacred Music From Nepal - Various Artists


Nada Himalaya - Deuter

1. Nada Himalaya 1Music
2. Nada Himalaya 2Music
3. FinalMusic

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