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Top 5 Maintenance Tips for Wooden Fences

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Fences may be one of the many things that homeowners keep overlooking. But fences are one of the most important things you need to be maintaining on your property. It is something that protects your property’s privacy, keeps your family safe from robbery and theft, and adds style to your garden, house, and overall curb appeal. It is not easy to maintain a wooden fence, and this is why most of the homeowners would opt for a block fence Scottsdale. However, with the tips that we will be sharing with you, you will easily get to manage your wooden fence.

1.Have the right tools and equipment – for easier maintenance, it is a must that you have the proper tools and equipment. This will cause less stress on your side when it comes to having some regular maintenance and occasional repair. You do not need to have all things in the world; all you need to have are the following:

  • Wood stain
  • Hose or power washer, if you prefer
  • A roller or a brush
  • Protective sheets
  • Wood treatment or bleach

2.Provide cover or protection for your grass and plants – if you opt to use the power washer, you need to protect your plants and grass as the pressure from the pressure washer would destroy them at hand. You can put some plastic sheets in the garden to ensure their safety. Also, remove some nearing plants so you cannot harm them.

3.Power wash after bleaching – when it comes to choosing the right bleach, you need to consider that bleach can be quite strong for wooden material. Instead of purchasing strong cleaning agents in the market, you can just mix one-part bleach and two parts water to create your own bleach. Pour or spray your bleach and let it sit for a few minutes before you use your power washer. If you do not own a power wash, you can use a generic hose if you want.

4.Let your wood fence dry – one of the things you need to consider is that woods are typically organic and they are always susceptible to decay. In order for you to avoid this, let the wood completely dry after you put some bleach and water on it. It is important that you do not skip this process as this will ensure the health of your wooden fence. Also, you need to take note that you need to wait for the wood to be completely dry before you apply a coating or paint.

5.Repeat if necessary – the frequency of the maintenance is all up to you. While it is good to maintain your wooden fence, it might not be a good decision to make as being exposed to water will make your fence more susceptible to decay. However, if you decide o give it a bath more frequently than the usual, just make sure that you bathe it as quickly as possible.


There are things beyond our ability. If you want to have an excellent result when it comes to maintaining your fence, do not hesitate to call the professional fencers.

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