History is gone with a beginning of a new day for the Children of Helambu Region, Yangrima Family and Yangrima Associates. 

Much have been said what had happened to Yangrima School, much have been seen what had happened to Yangrima School. But to remember is the day 14th April, 2009 Re-opening of Yangrima School with much hope and aspiration to revive again after 8 years of long sleep.  

Yangrima as unblemished in its pride with its head held high able to gather more than 100 villagers and associates to mark the day. The day was important for two reason; First, the Grand Re-opening after nearly a decade and Second, the 20th Anniversary, which are the things that will not reiterate in history now again. It was successful in giving birth to more than 60 students at the beginning of just three weeks time. What an initial start, we congratulate to all. 

The Re-opening Day

The great morning with the pile up works nevertheless full enthusiasm along with the support of Canadian group and villagers, the re-opening started. Gathering from morning at 7 taking benches uphill to the school and hanging up banners actually signified that Yangrima has taken its first breath.  

The day long program, Yangrima School Reopening and 20th Anniversary was organized by Yangrima School Management Committee and Yangrima Trust and supported by Yangrima Ex-Students Society (YESS) and Friends of Yangrima. 

The formal program through scheduled at 10 AM, however could not start before 12:00 because it took time for villagers to make presence at the hill. The chief guest for the program was Ms. Judy Harpen, who has been one the great supporter of the school since her first visit to school and even more when the school was closed. Mr. Nima Lama chaired the program for the day.

Under the canopy of a sunny re-opening day, Yangrima was smiling broadly again. The brush has been cleared, there was a renewed hustle and bustle of activity and, most importantly, many of the children are back. A stream of villagers flocking into the school in their nicest attire carrying a traditional bottle of local spirit (a symbol of purity and blessings) who also came with their purest wishes, in the fullest smile and not hesitating to occasionally reduce to tears for their hearts stirred to extreme happiness were a general milieu of the reopening ceremony of Yangrima. Huge banners to welcome Yangrima’s reopening were hanging at the gates, on the monastery walls, and down from the trees. This exuberance caught the attention of several trekkers passing who stopped to watch. From all who came and we welcomed. 

At the ceremony Yangrima’s former students and friends sang loudly and proudly wishing for no more ills and thanking the school for what it had given to them. This was followed by motivational speeches from a line of guests among who were several ex-students who recounted their childhood and post-Yangrima journey. As well as being an important celebration for those who had previously benefitted from a local education, it was equally important for the villagers as the school will protect their culture, identity and community.

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The villagers spent the entire day in the rectangular compound of the main school area some weeping the middle of speeches, ex-students showcasing their childhood skills like climbing trees and reliving memories of when they were youngsters at Yangrima. Especially welcomed were those who had become administrators and teachers themselves. All of Yangrima’s favorite songs were sung until late into the night. Those childhood mates, meeting again where they may have met first, did get a bit merry! 

Solidarity to

The untired effort of Yangrima Trust with single vision to reopening Yangrima has not been wasted. The initiation of YESS, support of Yangrima Family and Friends of Yangrima are appreciated for this noble cause to provide the quality education to the children of Helambu region.

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As one of the Yangrima Ex-student had said when asked why the Yangrima School should Re-open? He said; because I had spent my 10 years of valuable time here in Yangrima School and whatever I have got from Yangrima I want to see that each our younger brothers and sisters get that same opportunity. This has encouraged us even more to revive Yangrima School. 

Many of the Yangrima products (students) have been successful in developing their careers with undoughtable quality education that Yangrima offered. They have sufficiently acquired the skills and knowledge to sustain their life and moreover, have engaged in developing their hometown and have influence in national pride to some extent.  This shows what the Yangrima has given to the children of Helambu and now it’s our turn to give what we can to Yangrima. Therefore, it’s is now the duty of each Yangrima products to nurture the growth and development of Yangrima School. 

Last but not least, we really appreciate and thank to all of those who thought about the Yangrima School even for once. Moreover, would encourage keep on supporting for Yangrima School. We would like to thank following organization for their support and commitment to support Yangrima School. 

Yangrima Ex-Student Society (YESS)

Magic Suitcase Canada

Friend from Holand (Mr. Rink Oor)

Friends of Yangrima UK

Childreach International  

Thank You All !!! 

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Yangrima Model Composition: 

Yangrima School

Yangrima will be community school and there will be four bodies involved in the new Yangrima Model.  

Yangrima Trust: Under the law of Nepal and constitution of the Trust, Yangrima Trust shall be the main governing body for the school and will be liable for the sustainability and development of the school. At present it consists of five trustee members.  

Yangrima School Management Committee: It comprises of representative from different villages. It will be liable for the overall management of the school. The school management committee shall be reporting to the trust.  

School Administrative Committee: Responsible for the overall school administration and academic part. School Administrative Committee will be reporting to School Management Committee and Yangrima Trust. 

Friends of Yangrima: Besides above mentioned committees all the supporters, well wishers and Yangrima Associates are included in Friends of Yangrima. They will be supporting Yangrima School through any means such as funding, volunteerism or any other supports. Yangrima Trust will be directly coordinating with Friends of Yangrima. 

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Yangrima Trust

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